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Curriculum Vitae


Master of Fine Arts, Cinema, San Francisco State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film, San Francisco Art Institute



The Arts Partnership, Individual Artist Grant, Watching Leo, 2017

The Arts Partnership, Individual Artist Grant, The Album, 2012

Faculty Grant, The Album, 2012

Faculty Grant, A Difference, 2009

Film Arts Foundation Personal Works Grant, Special, 1996

Serpent Source Foundation Grant, Special, 1996

Vermont Art’s Endowment Vermont Community Foundation Grant, Nelie and Maria, 1994

Vermont Council on the Arts Artist Development Grant, Nelie and Maria, 1993

Massachusetts Council on the Arts Mass Productions Grant, Mad Dykes, 1989

New England Regional Film/Video Fellowship, Mad Dykes (titled “Three Centers”), 1988

Dille Fund for Excellence,  FM LGBT Film Festival, 2009

Arts Lab, FM LGBT Film Festival, 2015

Awesome Foundation, FM LGBT Film Festival, 2017

Pride Collective and Community Center Sponsorship, FM LGBT Film Festival, 2017, 2018







Film Production Courses:

Advanced Video, Documentary Production (Undergraduate)

Producing and Production Coordination (Undergraduate)

16mm Production (Undergraduate)

Techniques of Directing (Undergraduate)

Senior Seminar (Undergraduate)

Intermediate Film (Undergraduate Capstone Project)

Film Studies Courses:

History of LGBT Images in Film (Undergraduate)

Personal Documentary (Undergraduate)





Film Production Courses:

Advanced Directing ( Graduate)

Advanced 16mm Film Production (Undergraduate Thesis Film)

16mm Production (Undergraduate)

Directing and Working with Actors (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Screenplay Composition (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Soundstage Production (Undergraduate)

Film Studies Courses:

Documentary Film (Undergraduate)

History of GLBT Images in Film (Undergraduate)

Sex and Gender in Film (Undergraduate)




Film Production Courses:

16mm Production (Undergraduate)

Film Studies Courses:

Film History II (Undergraduate)

Recent Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Cinema (Undergraduate)

Representation of Transgender Identities in Literature and Film (Undergraduate)

History of GLBT Images in Film (Undergraduate)

Queer Film of the 1970s (Undergraduate)

Technical Skills Summary:

16mm cameras including but not limited to ArriSR2, Arri BL, Arri S, Bolex.

Video Cameras including but not limited to Panasonic GH5, Panasonic AF100,

Panasonic HC-X1, Panasonic AG-AC130.

Software including but not limited to EP Scheduling, EP Budgeting, Final Cut Pro X, Final Draft.

Audio equipment including H4N Zoom, Martantz 660

Pre-production, production, and post-production for sync sound and non-sync 16mm filmmaking.

Pre-Production, production, and post-production for Digital.



Faculty Fellow: The MSUM Center for Diversity and Social Justice,  2016-2017

In my role as the first Faculty Fellow for the Center I Coordinate and Lead the Faculty Diverse Pedagogy Group

In 2017-2018, within the same group, I lead the development and implementation of a new Faculty Certificate in Cultural Competency.

Chair, Equity Committee

Chair SoMAD (Department) Assessment Committee

Committee Member, GLBT Issues Committee

Committee Member, Disability Awareness Committee

Committee Member, SoMAD Curriculum Committee

Committee Member, MSUM Elections Committee

Committee Member, MSUM Curriculum Committee

Faculty Advisor, MSUM Student Organization, the Cinethusiasts

Co Faculty Advisor, MSUM LGBT Student Organization, the Ten Percent Society

Inception, Organization, and Introductory Notes: Queer Film Series, Film Studies, MSUM

Committee Member, SFSU Creative Arts Technology Committee

Committee Member, SFSU Cinema Film Production Committee



Board Member, The Human Family (non-profit), 217-Present

Board Member, Fargo Pride Collective and Community Center, 2016, 2017

Fargo Film Festival Chair,  Documentary Feature Committee, 2012, 2013

Fargo Film Festival Chair, Experimental Committee, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2018

Fargo Film Festival Jury Member, Short Documentary and Experimental Categories, 2009, 2015, 2016

Board Member, Fargo-Moorhead Pride Committee, 2009

Board Member, Minnesota LGBT Campus Alliance,2009

Contributing Member, IFO GLBT Committee, 2009-2011

Instructor, Advanced Video (MSUM) This course worked in a service learning environment, linking video students to community non-profit partners in need of video work.




“Transgender Authorship in Film”, IFOLGBTQ Conference, 2016

“Trigger Warnings and Safe Space Creation”, IFOLGBTQ, 2016

“The Album and Creative  Research”, IFOLGBTQ Conference, 2016

“Healthy Masculinities”, Women & Gender Studies Colloquium, MSUM, 2014

“Trans Immigration”, Berkshire Conference on Women

“Cat’s Cradle” UFVA Conference, 2012

“Images of Female Sex Workers in Film and the Unverifiable” Red River Women’s Studies Conference, 2009

“Trans Feminism Panel (Coordinator and Facilitator, Red River Women’s Studies Conference, 2009

“Transgender Film and Video, Representing Multiplicity” MBLGTAC Conference, 2009

Inclusion on “Trans Shorts” DVD, Frameline, 2008

“Not Queer Enough” SFSU, 2007

“Density Over Duration: The films of Raymond Rea” The Film Center, U.C. Irvine, 2004

Counting Past Two (interview),  Mihra-Soleil Ross, 2005

“The Trouble With Normal” Persistent Vision Conference, 2001

“Teaching Queer” Persistent Vision Conference, 2001

“Trans Media in the Next Century” Trannyfest , 1999

“Taking Control of Our Own Media Images” Trannyfest,  1998

“Trans Boys and Pornography” Frameline, 1998

“Trans Media,” Trannyfest ,  1997

Release Print: “Sometimes You Can’t Just Check One” 1998

VISIONS “Television: a Level Playing Field?” 1990



Films distributed by: Canyon Cinema, and Frameline (for Straightboy Lessons, 1999 )


The Album, 2015, TRT 14.29 min. Currently in Festival Distribution

Experimental non-fiction historical film on pre-Stonewall Gay Male identity, the contrast between silence and noise, and photography itself.

FM LGBT Film Festival, Fargo, ND

Fargo Film Festival, Fargo, ND

Austin LGBT Film Festival, Austin, TX

Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, Minneapolis, MN

Athens Film Festival, Athens, OH

Phoenix Theater, Minneapolis, MN

IFP Cinema Lounge, Duluth, MN

San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (Frameline), San Francisco, CA

MIX NYC, New York, NY

MIX Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

Portland Unknown, Portland, OR


A Difference, 2011, TRT 18 min, 29 sec. Producer / Co-Director with Zion Johnson, Digibeta

Short documentary examines the intersection of FTM gender transition and racial difference

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, San Francisco, CA

Gender Reel, Philadelphia, PA

Gender Reel, Minneapolis, MN

British Film Institute’s London LGBT Film Festival, London, UK

Lost & Found, Transgender Images, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (Frameline), San Francisco, CA

Academic Screenings - Literature, Dominican College, San Rafael, CA; Sociology of Gender, University of Salem, Salem, NC; Survey of Sociology, The University of Akron, Akron, OH


Cat’s Cradle, 2010, TRT 3 min, 56 sec. Producer / Director, Digibeta

Experimental Animation integrating analog rotoscope techniques and Xerox frames with digital effects. Soundtrack composed by Helena Thompson of Purest Spritual Pigs.

Speechless Film Festival, Mankato, MN

Athens Film Festival, Athens, OH

Translations, Seattle, WA

San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, San Francisco, CA

Bumbershoot’s 1 Reel Festival, Seattle, WA

South Dakota Film Festival, Aberdeen, SD

Black Earth Film Festival, IL

ARTS Fest, Harrisburg, PA

Grand Detour, Portland, OR
Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, CA

Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA

Dartmouth College, Hood Museum, Hanover, NH
Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY
Moviate Microcinema, Harrisburg, PA

Mina’s Gallery,  Baltimore, Maryland
Flex Fest, Gainesville, FL
Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA

The Nightingale,  Chicago, IL

Fargo Film Festival-Fargo, ND

Indie Memphis- Memphis, TN

MNTV Shorts- Aired on PBS-Minneapolis, MN and Minnesota-wide

Walker Art Center- Minneapolis, MN


The Sweet New, 2007, TRT 60 min, Writer/Producter/Director, Super 16mm

Experimental Narrative that compares changes in three generations of an Italian-American family.

Frameline  Selection, Frameline at the Center, 2007

New Italian-American Cinema,    Frank D, Calandra Center for Italian-American Studies,

Queens, New York, 2008


Straightboy Lessons,  1999, TRT 9 min, Director / Cinematographer / Editor, 16mm

Documentary short on constructed nature of masculinity.

PNO Short Movie Award Finalist: Best Short Documentary,  2000

Streamed online by TLA,

Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY 2009

Festival IdentiT, Paris 2009

Cut and Run, San Francisco (Artist’s Television Access), 2008

Cut and Run Tour: Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Springfield, OR, San Francisco (Public Transportation Screening)

Soup, San Francisco 2002

Mix NYC 2001

UCLA Coming Out Week Screenings 2001

Transgender Film Festival, The Netherlands 2001

Outfest, Los Angeles, 2000

Hi Mom Film Festival, San Francisco 2001

Film Arts Festival, San Francisco, 2000

Out on Screen, Vancouver 2000

New Fest, NYC 2000

London Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 2000

Melbourne Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 2000

Mix Mexico 2000

Hamburg GLBT Film Festival 2000

Northwest Transgender and Intersex Film Festival, Seattle 2000

Boston Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 2000

Inside Out, Toronto 2000

Counting Past Two, Toronto, 2000

Connecticut Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 2000

San Francisco Cinematheque, “Love, Language, and Violence” 1999

London Transgender Film Festival 1999

Seattle Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1999

Tannyfest, SF 1999

Reeling, Chicago Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1999

Counting Past Two, Toronto 1999

Forward Motion Conference, Los Angeles 1999

San Francisco International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival 1999


Special,   1998, TRT 30 min, Director / Editor, 16mm

Satirical faux-documentary on madness

Anchorage Lesbian/Gay Film Festival, Alaska 1999

Rosebud Entertainment, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt 1998

Film Arts Foundation Festival, San Francisco 1998

Trannyfest, San Francisco, 1998


Wanted,  1997, TRT 4 hr 50 min, Director / Cinematographer / Editor, 16 mm

Satirical reflection on the personal ads

New  Fest, NYC 1998

Trannyfest, San Francisco, 1997

No Nothing Cinema, San Francisco, 1997

Hi/Lo Film Festival 1997

SF International Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1997


Third,   1996, TRT 9 min, Director / Editor, 16 mm

Scripted  narrative on the theme of leaving. Vermillion Film Festival Award (1996)

Women In the Director’s Chair 1997

Sinking Creek Film Fest 1996

San Francisco Cinematheque 1996

Cacophony Drive In Film Fest 1996

Vermilion Film Fest 1996

Refuse 1996


For Nelie and Maria,  1993, TRT 23 min, Director / Cinematographer / Editor, 16mm

Contact improvisational dance film based on the child’s game paper/rock/scissors

Rethink Dance Festival 2018

Minna St Gallery, Solo Show 1994

Poetry Film/Video Festival, SF 1994


Mad Dykes,  1992, TRT 30min, Director / Videographer / Editor, 3/4” Video

Documentary on a New York City based Lesbian group of Survivors

Flaming Film Festival,VT 1993

National Association of Rights, Protection and Advocacy 1993

Choice, Voice and Preference Institute, Toronto 1993

Women One World Film Festival, NYC 1992

Montreal Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1991


Hear,  1992, TRT 4min, Director / Videographer / Editor, 3/4” Video

Short sound-based essay contrasting silence and noise

Pittsburgh Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1991

Alternatives Conference 1991



Playwriting, Full Productions

The Sweet New, Theater B

Son of Genderanium, San Francisco Fringe Festival

Another Opening, Exit Café


Stage Directing / Producing

The World Ended Today (reading), Fresh New Works, The Marsh

Waiting in the Victory Garden, Bay Area One Act Festival

The Sweet New, Exit Stage Left

Strobe Vision, Exit Mainstage

The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Exit on Taylor

The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Build

The Lady Aoi, No Space



Founder and Director, FM LGBT Film Festival 2009-Present

Screening: Ovarian Psychos in collaboration with Women & Gender Studies 2017

Screening, Media That Matters, 2011

“Diane Bonder, in Memoriam” San Francisco Cinematheque, 2007

Co-Curated with Irina Leimbacher, “Love, Language and Violence”,San Francisco, 1999

“Refuse” Victoria Theater, San Francisco, 1996

“Local Works”, Burlington, VT,  1990/91

Flaming Films III, with SPARC, University of Vermont, 1994

Short Works, with Bad Girls in Film, Burlington, VT,  1994



James Eric Chalgren Award 2016

A Statewide Minnesota Award

Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues

“In recognition of leadership and services in improving the climate for LGBT faculty, staff, and students on Minnesota State University campuses”


PNO Short Movie Award Finalist: Best Short Documentary,  2000

“Straightboy Lessons” documentary short 1999


Vermillion Film Festival Award, 1996

“Third” scripted narrative on the theme of leaving