The Album,  2015


A Difference,  2011


Non fiction short focusing on the intersection of gender transition and racial difference. Co-Directed with Zion Johnson

Northern Pains,  2011




This character-driven short follows three generations of players on the Fargo-Moorhead Derby Girls: "the vets", the "new vets", and the "new girls". What happens when performative passion and conflict becomes real? Who is asked to leave? Does the team survive?

Cat's Cradle, 2010

16mm and Digital, 3:56

Concept, xerox animation and rotoscoped image by Raymond Rea. Soundtrack by Purest Spiritial Pigs.

Purest Spiritual Pigs is a project created by Helena Thompson.
The intent for this project is to create a revolving door for collaboration with additional artists.

These works include music, visual, conceptual and performing arts.

The Sweet New , 2007

16mm, 58:50

The Sweet New is an experimental narrative, based on the stage play by the same name which played to sold out houses in San Francisco in 2004. The film examines change and identity through the lives of three generations of an Italian-American family and asks the question: what stays the same when we change everything?

Shot entirely on a soundstage to provide a sense of hyper-reality.

Straightboy Lessons , 1999

16mm, 8:30

Straightboy Lessons is an experimental documentary that takes a celebratory look at a friendship between a transitioning female to male transsexual and a non-transsexual man.

"Straightboy Lessons is the first film to show that the straight male is as constructed as any"

Inside Out, Toronto

Special,  1998

16mm, 13:52


Special is a satire, a documentary based on other documentaries about "The Mentally Ill". The film has as its subject a psychotic man who is badgered in interview into confessing his "ill" status. The lines of reality and performance are blurred and the ethical responsibility of the filmmaker is deliberately drawn into question.

Wanted,  1997

16mm, 4:50

Wanted is a look at the contrast between gay male and lesbian personal ads. Gender is reversed in the readers, leading towards a comic and confused mix of walks on the beach and sex in public. The film is shot in the straight-on style of a Warhol screen test.

Third, 1996

16mm, 8:20

Third is an experimental narrative with a second life in its deeply layered soundtrack. Lit for night, and gelled for theatricality, Third looks at a trapped couple and their final release/demise. Winner: Vermillion Film Festival Award, 1996 "A cross between Chantal Ackerman and Blade Runner" —Bill Nichols, author of Representing Reality

For Nelie and Maria, 1993

16mm, 6:03

For Nelie and Maria is a contact improvisation dance film with original choreography by Wes Staats and an original music score by George Spies. Three women start by playing paper/rocks/scissors and the game expands into an examination of the ability of siblings to use each other in movement and sound.

Hear, 1991

16mm, 4:12

Hear is a tryptich, contrasting the noise of the street with the silence of conformity.

Walk Out, 1982

16mm, 1:50

Walk Out is a satirical response to the advent of music videos.

Telephone , 1982

This film examines the difficulties inherent in electronic communication.