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A Difference, 2010
BFI London LGBT Film Festival
Lost & Found, Amsterdam
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (Frameline)
MSUM Women & Gender Studies ColloquiumGender Reel
Screened in multiple academic settings nationwide to spark discussion

Cat's Cradle, 2010
MNTV IFP Exhibit, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
Athens Film Festival, Athens, OH
Translations, Seattle, WA
San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, SF, CA
Reel 1 Film Festival (part of the Bumbershoot Festival), Seattle, WA
South Dakota Film Festival-Aberdeen, SD
Zero Film Festival- Manhattan, NY
Grand Detour- Portland, OR
Artists' Television Access- San Francisco, CA
Beatnik Studios- Sacramento, CA
Echo Park Film Center- Los Angeles, CA
Dartmouth College- Hanover, NH
LaunchPad, co-presented with Kings County Cinema Society - BrooklynMoviate Microcinema- Harrisburg, PA
Mina's Gallery- Baltimore, Maryland
Millennium Film Workshop, co-presented with UnionDocs - NYC
Flex Fest -Gainesville, FL
Zeitgeist Arts Center -New Orleans, LA
The Nightingale Chicago, IL
Indie Memphis- Memphis, TN
MNTV Selected Shorts- Aired on PBS in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota

The SweetNew, 2007
Frameline at the Center screening, October 2007

New Italian-American Cinema, September 2008
Italian-American Institute
Queens College

Straightboy Lessons,  1999
Director/ Cinematography/Edit
TRT: 9min

PNO Short Movie Award  Finalist 2000

Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY 2009
Festival IdentiT, Paris 2009
Cut and Run, San Francisco (Artist’s Television Access), 2008
Cut and Run Tour:
             Los Angeles
            Springfield, OR
            San Francisco (Public Transportation Screening)Soup, S.F. 2002
Mix NYC 2001
UCLA Coming Out Week Screenings 2001
Transgender Film Festival, The Netherlands 2001
Outfest, LA 2000
Hi Mom Film Festival 2001
Film Arts Festival 2000
Out on Screen, Vancouver 2000
New Fest, NYC 2000
London Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 2000
Melbourne Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 2000
Mix Mexico 2000
Northwest Transgender and Intersex Film Festival 2000
Boston Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 2000
Inside Out, Toronto 2000
Counting Past Two, Toronto, 2000
Connecticut Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 2000
San Francisco Cinematheque, “Love, Language, and Violence” 1999
London Transgender Film Festival 1999
Seattle Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1999
Tannyfest, SF 1999
Reeling, Chicago Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1999
Counting Past Two, Toronto 1999
Forward Motion Conference, LA 1999
SF International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival 1999

Special,   1998
TRT: 30 min
Anchorage Lesbian/Gay Film Festival 1999
Rosebud Entertainment, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt 1998
Film Arts Foundation Festival 1998
Trannyfest 1998

Wanted,  1997
Director/ Cinematography/ Edit
TRT: 4:50min
New  Fest, NYC 1998
Trannyfest 1997
No Nothing Cinema 1997
Hi/Lo Film Festival 1997
SF International Gay/Lesbian Film Fest 1997

Third,   1996
TRT: 9min

Vermillion Film Festival Award,1996

Women In the Director’s Chair 1997
Sinking Creek Film Fest 1996
San Francisco Cinematheque 1996
Cacophony Drive In Film Fest 1996
Vermilion Film Fest 1996
Refuse 1996

For Nelie and Maria,  1993
TRT: 23min
Minna St Gallery, Solo Show 1994
Poetry Film/Video Festival, SF 1994

Mad Dykes,  1992
Director/ Videography/Edit
3/4” Video
TRT: 30min
Flaming Film Festival,VT 1993
National Association of Rights, Protection and Advocacy 1993
Choice, Voice and Preference Institute, Toronto 1993
Women One World Film Festival, NYC 1992
Montreal Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1991

Hear,  1992
3/4” Video
TRT: 4min
Pittsburgh Gay/Lesbian Film Festival 1991
Alternatives Conference 1991

Precautions,  1991
3/4” Video
TRT: 3min
Minna St Gallery, Solo Show, 1994

Walk Out,  1982
TRT: 4min
Ann Arbor Film Festival
She’s Leaving Home, Boston 1986

Telephone,  1982
Director/ Cinematography/Edit
TRT: 6min
No Nothing Cinema. 1983
She’s Leaving Home, Boston 1986










Raymond Rea.